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DC Comics Alienates Television Series' Arrow and The Flash

As I am sure you all are aware, DC Comics announced their movie lineup and release dates centered around The Justice League movie. Fans were finally given an outline of what and when to expect from what many feel is the long overdue Justice League universe. The next step was to make a few more major announcements about the upcoming movies, and who will play the heroes and villains.

We already knew Henry Cavill would be returning as the Man of Steel. We knew Ben Affleck would debut as the caped crusader Batman. We had confirmation that Jason Mamoa would become Aquaman. We got news that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would take on the role of Black Adam in Shazam. Then we got news this past week that Ezra Miller would become The Flash. In an update which was later posted to that article:
"UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller will indeed be playing Barry Allen - the same character Grant Gustin stars as in The CW series - as, "The story centers on Barry Allen, a man with super speed and super-fast reflexes." How do you feel about separate movie and TV universes?"
Personally, I feel this is a devastating development. While I do not personally like the casting of Ezra Miller in general, my feelings on that matter are secondary to why I believe this is a mistake. Many fans I have discussed what I call The JustiCin have echoed the very same sentiment, DC Comics made a mistake by creating a separate universe for the films than for the successful television programs Arrow & The Flash.

While I personally wanted to see Gotham take place in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash, I was forced to accept that I would just have to live with the difference. But now that I am forced to live with Arrow and The Flash being separated from The JustiCin, I am overwhelmingly disappointed. 

An incredible universe has been built in Arrow, and the branching of The Flash showed just how fortified Arrow's groundwork has become. It also gave fans hope that the two series' would lead to & be directly involved with The JustiCin, as many of the characters in Arrow have either directly appeared in the Justice League comic books, or in the solo comics & animated television shows for Batman, and to some degree, Superman.

Instead, these television shows will live independent of The JustiCin. How does The JustiCin affect Arrow and The Flash? Warner Bros. does not have movie/character rights divided amongst several companies the way Marvel does with Disney/Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures. The CW can not block DC Comics from using the characters from their shows in The JustiCin, and I would imagine they would welcome the "crossover" for the exposure and lucrative gains. It should have been logical for DC Comics and Warner Bros. to maximize Arrow and The Flash with mixing them into The JustiCin and using the shows to also promote the events within. It would have also allowed DC Comics to stick it to Marvel for what has become a subject of embarrassment when discussed among hardcore comic fans.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had two series' lows for viewership recently, and while not necessarily unsuccessful, it has underperformed in comparison to Arrow and The Flash. It would have been an even stronger statement by DC Comics had they subtlely or indirectly acknowledged their dominance in television and brought the championing series' into The JustiCin.

Of course I am just one person, my discussions have been with few. I would like to hear more from the fans on how they feel about The JustiCin and the "ommission" of Arrow and The Flash. Do you feel this move could hurt the television series'?






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