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How WWE Should Book Until WrestleMania 32

I'm no contracted member of any wrestling creative team. I'm not a freelance member of creative for any wrestling company. Never have been, probably never will be. But I am a lifelong fan, perhaps more hardcore than many, so I know a good product in wrestling when I see one, and a bad product. But before we spend countless paragraphs talking about smart fans and marks, let's just agree on one thing in particular – wrestling needs us far more than we need wrestling. And judging by live crowd reactions, social media reactions, and the responses from wrestlers sports entertainers themselves on Tuesday radio interviews, it's fair to say the opinions I have don't sway too far from the rest of the pack. WrestleMania 32, billed when the location in Dallas was secured as the "Biggest WrestleMania Ever" by those idiots in creative (thanks, Hunter), is shaping up to be very underwhelming. Not because of the card—see below—but because of the way th