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A World Only Gods Know

Before I get started, I want to make a few things perfectly clear. I consider Shells one of my best friends. I would never lie about my opinion of music, especially if it's a friend. I say this so you all know what to expect of this and that perhaps my bias is too strong here, but not as you would expect. As someone who wrote music/lyrics for the better half of their life, I don't feel it is fair to ever tell an artist a lie about their art. If there is something I do not like about your music, I will say it, especially  if you're a friend. I point out that Shells is one of my best friends because it's important to understand that if I am critical in this "review" that I am only being so because I know Shells expects his art to be from his soul. This also is not a forewarning, Shells, so breathe easy good brother. This may also be a long ass review, so... TL;DR - The art is fucking amazing. Lyrics in the booklet is my shit. I'm in Scorcese&#